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About Us

Go Gospel Music Competitions Global events offer a wide range of opportunities to talented gospel music artists, bands or choirs to spread a message of hope and love through music as well as carve a career niche for themselves in the entertainment industry. Go Gospel Music Concerts provide contestants with the opportunity to share their talent with a broader community and perform in front of gospel greats. Go Gospel Music will be appealing to attendees of all ages, Christians and lovers of gospel music,

Who Can Participate

Choirs/Bands Gospel choirs  can  participate in gospel music competition in the respective countries these events will be held.


Auditioning will take place in the different countries these competitions will be held. At present it will be


South Africa



Note: After audition the qualified choirs/bands will go through a voting process where people will vote them in to be qualified for final live competition. The top highest votes are to participate for the final competition in the respective countries, (MORE  INFORMATION COMING UP SOON )


Will vary with country

The overall winners of the competition will be going home with  cash prices, a record deal, and go gospel event tour to other  country




We will be giving out awards to the best categories and raffle draw for the audience,

Why Go Gospel Global is Outstanding
  • Everyone in the family will be entertained by an amazing musical performances from the world’s best choirs /BANDs or artists at the Go Gospel Choir Competitions

  • Go Gospel Global will undoubtedly give choirs and/or bands  an opportunity to realize their long –held dreams of signing for God and also making a career out of it

  • We promote talents of gospel music amongst the choirs/bands

  • This is not so based on winning the prizes at stake but aimed at the total development of participants with the objective of giving glory to God through music

  • To win the hearts of the general public from all ages and backgrounds, And also to launch the music careers of gospel artists around globally by creating exposure for them.

  • To bring gospel music out of the churches and into the world stage, and encourage young gospel singers to stay in gospel music and not abandon it for worldly music

  • To lay a platform of empowerment , where any choir /band  who truly desires, can compete

  • To Use music as a tool to uplift, inspire and spread a message of hope and love. and  also to create entertainment opportunity for the lovers of gospel music

  • Raise a generation of young people accustomed to godly values, integrity, honesty, self-esteem, unity and passion for God’s work.

  • Raise young gospel musicians that would serve as role models for the younger generation.

  • Raise young gospel musicians that would serve as role models for the younger generation.

  • To Ignite the passion for a closer relationship with God to be an inspiration to the youth

How To Apply

Does your church choir or band and/or Gospel choir have what it takes to win the contest?



Choirs/bands interested in taking part in this event can register via


 email :admin@gogospel.org

or by sending a message to our Facebook page http://web.facebook.com/gogospel.